The primary purpose of this web site is to serve as an archive for the International Networked Teams for Engineering Design (INTEnD) Project, a National Science Foundation project funded between 1998 and 2002 (NSF IIS-9811568, Title: Globally Distributed Engineering Design Teams: Cultural, Social, and Technological Factors Influencing Group Process and Performance).

INTEnD was an international consortium of universities and industry partners whose principal aim was to conduct research on how to improve the performance of geographically distributed teams of engineers. It grew out of a project known as GEMSTEAM (Global Engineering Methodology Study Team) involving Michigan State University, GM, and EDS.

The INTEnD project explored the factors that influence the performance of distributed engineering teams, including those that impact upon the outputs of the group and those that influence their cooperation and communication processes. Additionally, the project provided an international and cross-cultural experience for both engineering students and industry professionals in order to enrich their education and better prepare them for the types of problems they will encounter in the increasingly global economy.

One important contribution of the project was the development of a prototype Web-based collaboration system known as TeamSCOPE. This software, written for the Linux operating system, is freely available under the GNU General Public License, but is no longer supported or maintained in any way. It was last updated in 2002.

Several papers and reports remain available.